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About Toni...
My name is Toni Brown...

I turned 50 on 5/20/19 and have NEVER felt so healthy and full of energy.

After suffering with Fibromyalgia for 10+ years and taking numerous medications, including Lyrica @ 30mg 2x’s daily, I was a miserable size 16/18, in pain, over 200 lbs and needed a change.

After failing every diet plan over the past 25 years, I was sure nothing would work. I WAS WRONG!

On May 21 2017 I started this plan and for the 1st time in my life, I learned how my own body worked, how it reacts to toxins and how to eat the right foods to feel my best.

In 6 weeks I lost 22 lbs of FAT (not water weight or muscle) In 9 weeks I lost 33 lbs of FAT. On August 1st 2017, after 10+ years of Lyrica, I quit ALL Prescription drugs and am still RX FREE!

In 13 weeks I lost 47lbs of FAT. By the end of Sept. 2017/four months’ time...I hit 145lb and was a size 6 and have maintained this with ease!

I was so empowered by my own success I coached my own son into 80 lbs of fat loss that same summer. This motivated me to return to college and become a certified Health Coach, obtain licenses and open my own business. I have since helped our community get healthy and lose a combined fat loss of over 3500 lbs, and counting!

My Total Wellness program is a holistic approach to weigh loss and general well-being through nerve stimulation to promote cellular communication. I provide personal service unique to your needs to help you obtain your goals.

With the use of a Frequency Generator + Cellular Patches + Proper diet YOU WILL:

Lose FAT
Detox from harmful toxins 
Increase Hydration
Reboot your Metabolism  
Improve your General Health

All body functions are led by frequencies & the ability to control the frequencies helps healing even when other treatments cannot. Over time, toxins build up and interfere with nerve transmissions causing disruption within your body. Your body has the ability to heal itself and lose unwanted fat if it’s properly communicating with itself.

You will eat REAL FOODS and learn healthy habits to last a lifetime, plus we can break your addictions to sugar, caffeine and other harmful establishing clean eating habits with secondary foods while learning about primary foods to create harmony within your life.

No joining the gym or crazy workouts to start. NO shakes, shots, pills, or gimmicks!
I want everyone to feel as great as I do, and I can help you be the healthiest you!

DO NOT WAIT! Text Me TODAY 209-304-6928
for a FREE 1 hour weight analysis and consultation to learn more! 

Toni Brown